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Announcement of GNPN/CAN-USA Board of Directors [2016-2018]

Dear Members and Friends of GNPN/CAN-USA:

It is our pleasure to announce the election results of GNPN/CAN-USA board of directors (BOD) for the 2016-2018 terms which concluded on 8/29/2016.

Congratulations to the new board which resumes its responsibility from 9/01/2016.

We would like to thank all GNPN/CAN-USA members and other friends for helping us in conducting this election in a timely manner.

Here is the list of GNPN/CAN-USA board of directors for 2016-2018 term, which comprises: President, three regional Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Members and past Presidents. We wish all of them the very best for a successful term.

Name Candidacy filed for Location Email
Suresh Ojha President Santa Clara, CA spojha2000@yahoo.com
Hira Dangol VP of Western Region San Jose, CA hira.dangol@gmail.com
Sushil Subedi VP of Eastern Region Little Rock, AR sushilsubedi@gmail.com
Andy Gorham VP of Mid-western Region Austin, TX andrew.c.gorham@gmail.com
Rick Santina General Secretary San Jose, CA rsantina@cisco.com
Ankur Dahal Treasurer San Jose, CA ankur.dahal8@gmail.com
Bikram Sharma Executive Member Palo Alto, CA bikram.sharmaa@gmail.com
Christy McFall Executive Member Alexandria, VA christy.mcfall@gmail.com
Dikshya Adhikari Executive Member San Jose, CA dikshya@gmail.com
Durga Bhurtel Executive Member New York, NY durgabhurtel@msn.com
Harihar Dahal Executive Member Sunnyvale, CA hariharnp@yahoo.com
Heather Brown Executive Member San Jose, CA heathercbrown@gmail.com
Justin Leggroan Executive Member Oakley, CA jwleggroan@yahoo.com
Ksheetij Thapaliya Executive Member Dublin, CA npthapaliya@gmail.com
Nabin Acharya Executive Member San Jose, CA nabin.acharya@gmail.com
Niley Shrestha Executive Member Oakland, CA niley.shrestha@opco.com
Paul Auerbach Executive Member Bay Area, CA paul.auerbach@gmail.com
Prabhat Adhikari Executive Member Los Angeles, CA prabhatadhikari@gmail.com
Pukar Bhandari Executive Member San Jose, CA contactprb@gmail.com
Raj Gurung Executive Member Santa Clara, CA raj.gurung@port65535.com
Sachin Maharjan Executive Member San Francisco, CA sachin.gen@gmail.com
Topraj Gurung Executive Member Redwood City, CA topraj@gmail.com
Pradeep Khanal Immediate Past President Milpitas, CA pradeepkhanal@gmail.com
Amod Pokhrel Past President El Cerrito, CA amodpokhrel@gmail.com
Nabin Khanal Past President Redmond, WA nabink@microsoft.com
Bineet Sharma Past President Pleasanton, CA bineet@gmail.com


Dr. Tara Sigdel: Election Commissioner

Prabhat Jha, Mike Yamamoto: Election Committee Members

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