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डिसीमा तीन दिन सम्म छठ पर्व श्रद्धा- भक्तिका साथ् मनाईदै

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Ten years ago, Mr. Kripa Singh and Mrs. Anita Singh, started Chhat Pooja in surrounding area of DC at the banks of great Potomac River. Along with Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh and family, few friends and families, attended and assisted in the pooja. Since then, every following year, participation for this great festival of ours in DC has gained and increased by numbers. Every year, several hundred people from several different surrounding states attend and enjoy the festivities.

Hence, we invite everyone for darshan of Chhati maiya at the Ghat of Potomac River. Please check below for details regarding this auspicious gathering!

DATE                    TIME            EVENT                                            LOCATION

October 26th,        4pm         Sanjha Ghaat,         Algonkian Park (47001 Fairway Dr. Sterling, VA 20165)

October 27th,        6am         Subaha Ghaat,        Algonkian Park (47001 Fairway Dr. Sterling, VA 20165)




If anyone is interested in participating or volunteering for this event, please do not hesitate to contact us! Privilege

Mr. Kripa Singh 
(571) 226-0056

Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh

(240) 381-5493



Vijay Kumar Singh

(703) 987 -7457 

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